Rc stickers decals, name and number sheets




Select the design you would like, contact us with your details, Payment & Postage then your personalised name/number sheet will be on its way to you as soon as possible.



Please state design wanted

name or nic name - brca no if reqd - colour - Font

how many you require then address & payment details  etc etc


Price £3.99 per sheet ---- Postage & Packing from £2.00

per order  non UK postage please ask 


Number sheet approx 9"x5" roughly enough to do 2 bodies

Name Sheet approx 8"x5" 8x4" 8x 2"





If you want your own logo or something unmentionable in the space please don't be shy just ask.





  Small Mixed RC Logo Set 130x55mm                                                                   Only 85p + P&P 


Large Mixed RC Logo Set 170x65mm

                                                                 £1.25 + P&P



Marlboro F1 Sets



F1 Mixed Set

                    170x85mm   £1.55 plus P&P





Magneti Set   230x40mm  £1.25 plus P&P



Fox 1 Set           230x40mm   £1.25  plus P&P



Fox 2 Set          230x50mm   £1.35 plus P&P






Marlboro Race Set  230x110mm £1.95


                  All plus £2.00 P&P




 Red Bull small Set approx size of sheet  160x80mm

 Brawn Set  approx               155x85mm

 Mixed Logo Set  approx       230x100mm          All £1.95 each plus P&P




Mid sized Decal with different sponsors....

Please note we can change any part of the sticker to suit your particular build .......................................please just ask





Large Red BULL A or B Sets  205x230  £3.25 each  plus  P&P































A4 Vodafone A or B Sets £5.00 each  plus P&P




Please note;   please specify either A or B when ordering Large Red Bull or

Vodafone sticker sets  or we will not know which set to send?  Thanks




DAKAR Rally Set  200x130mm  £2.00  plus P&P

Black on White Background) Please specify if other colours wanted.....


       Postage and Packing From  £2.00   please ask for non UK prices





Please note all logos and designs are produced under the strict understanding that the purchaser has the full permission of the owner of said design/logo to reproduce, use and display said graphic.
The stickeranddecalman does not accept any responsibility for customer trademark infringement.










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